The Circus Trial Tour will light up the Parade of the 6 Heures Moto at Spa !


The fans of two wheels have already noted the appointment in their agenda, curious minds and other tourists will certainly also find their way to the centre of Spa. On Saturday, August 17, at the stroke of 18 hours, the competitors of the 6 Heures Moto de Francorchamps, which will take place the next day as from 11:55, will gather in the heart of Spa ! A spectacular Parade to the city center that will gather riders and machines at the surroudings of ​​the Casino, where the motorcycles will be exhibited, accompanied by several animations that will not go unnoticed ...

Starting with the Parys Printing Grid Girls Contest, which will have the teams compete for the first time with boldness and originality to attract attention ! A competition with quality prizes offered by the printing company Parys Printing from Ignace Parys, former motorcycle rider and enthusiast, but also by Dunlop and Ipone.

And that is not all ! As a cherry on top of the cake, DG Sport, the organizer of the 6 Heures Moto, is pleased to invite the public to attend the show of the Circus Trial Tour, an indisputable performance orchestrated by regional star Fred Crosset ! This breathtaking show putting the brilliant Italian Samuele 'Zucca' Zuccali in the spotlight, will make the motorcycles fly into the sky of Spa, performing figures that defy the laws of gravity and balance, not to mention the famous 'backflip', always appreciated by the audience!

Between 18:30 and 21:30, the Circus Trial Show will light up the centre of Spa three times, to the delight of the fans, after which the race bikes will return to the most beautiful circuit in the world. Not to be missed under any circumstances ... See you in Spa!