We expect (good) company !


The 24 Hours of Le Mans Moto traditionally mark the opening of the international endurance season. An opening that resonates particularly this year on the side of Spa-Francorchamps. The recent news of the circuit and the willingness of its leaders to host the world championship of the discipline is one of the main reasons. A round of the EWC in 2022 at Francorchamps ? The project is on the table, and riders and teams around the world are now taking a new look at the circuit of the Ardennes, imitating those who have already understood the importance of participating in the 6 Hours Moto, which will take place on Sunday, August 18. And for which the new version of the regulations are about to arrive, fortunately without much change.

In recent years, foreign participation in the Spa event is indeed on the rise. Teams of pure amateurs who come to have fun on the most beautiful circuit of the world, but also professional teams, who take advantage of this unique opportunity to afford a life-size test on a demanding track wich is also particularly pleasant for the riders.

In other words, the entry list for the Trophy category (only one motorcycle per team) should quickly be filled, just like the 600cc and 1000cc classes, whether in Inters or Juniors. To date, several foreign teams have already formalized their participation, including YamaLube / GYTR with Rob Juwett, Norbert Sluijter and Ronald De Leeuw. But other renowned teams are already expected, not to mention the many "locals at the Ardennes stage".

The physiognomy of the event also explains its current success. For several years, the 'all in one day' formula (tests in the morning, race in the afternoon) has proven itself, reducing considerably costs and time. But those who want more can be reassured: the Bikers'Days scheduled on August 16 and 17 (the two days before the race) will offer many possibilities for riding and/or adjustments.

Registrations for the 6 Heures Moto on the site www.6heuresmoto.com

Registrations for the  Bikers’Days : www.bikersdays.com