Registrations are going well


Like every year, the international Endurance season starts with the 24 Hours Moto from Le Mans, which will take place from 19 to 22 April. On a national level, THE appointment of the year is undoubtedly in Spa-Francorchamps on the second Sunday of August, i.e. 12/08.

At four months of the 6 Hours Moto of Spa, the organizers have already registered a lot of entries, proof that this event continues to move many teams, locally as well as foreign, experienced pilots as well as amateurs.

As a reminder, the 6 Hours Moto, the most important endurance motor race in Belgium, takes place on a single day, with the test sessions in the morning and the departure at noon.

"The event is growing year after year and we always have a lot of teams participating, something for everyone, both professional teams and amateurs", Florian Jupsin told us just after the 2017 edition. "There is a lot of fair play on track despite the high level of competition for the top teams, and that strengthens our philosophy: everyone has a place at the 6 Hours Moto of Spa-Francorchamps!"

The English team Edge RST Racing of Nick Edgeley and Jonny Towers that won the Inter 600 last year and finished 10th in the scratch standings has already registered. They are participating in the Inters 1000 category this time and are already among the favorites, even though the most prestigious teams have not yet registered, but that will undoubtedly happen in the coming weeks. To keep their title in the 600cc, the British will enter a second team (Edge RST Racing II) with Laurence Edgeley and Ryan Farquhar.

Marc Fissette who won three times in Spa will undoubtedly also be present at the start grid of the eighth edition of the 6 Hours, even though he has officially announced that he will stop racing, albeit with an important nuance: "I keep my team ready in case I would get a proposal to participate in the 6H ... "

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