Well-tuned second violins!

With more than 60 teams on the start grid, the 2017 edition of the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps Motorcycles promises to be an intense show. We know that many top teams will appear at the start, like Marc Fissette (Suzuki Racing Team) and Grégory Fastré (April Moto by Moto Event), as well as representatives from other countries, such as Michael Savary (team mate of M. Fissette), Mathieu Lagrive (team mate of G. Fastré), Axel Maurin and Luca Marconi. The latter two will collaborate with Didier Van Keymeulen at team Viltais Experience - Campus on the famous Yamaha No. 333. A strong team that will undoubtedly be inspired by the recent success of the brand with the tune forks in the World Championship Endurance (Yamaha R1 won the 8 Hours of Suzuka at the end of July).

And so, some Belgian top teams suddenly become outsiders. This is the case for Team Interbike (Inter 1000) with Arnaud De Kimpe and Nicky Dewit, second in 2016, and team Vigenon with Bram Lambrechts and Wim Van Den Bossche (Inter 1000).

There are many contenders for the title and/or other podium places in all categories. For example, in the Trophy category, Marty Debruyne and Gauthier DUWELZ (Mototech EWC Team) should be considered, as well as Fabian Le Grelle and Michael Paul (FLG Racing) and also Lucien and Francois Snickers (Snickers Racing Team). In the 1000 Inter category, team Bike Parts Suzuki of Denny Lannoo and Tim Van Ooijen will have their say, as well as the English of Team Edge RST Racing II (Mike Brown, Paul McClung). In the 600 Inter category, Loris Cresson belongs to the favourites along with his team members of the DDB Racing Team (Eric Harmegnies and Joël Sevrin). They will have to face, among others, the second Edge Racing Team (Nick Edgeley, Jonny Towers).

Some nice battles ahead of us in the Junior category as well, both with the 1000cc (Team Moto 80, Joca Moto Racing, Phenix Racing ...) and with the 600cc (Apple RT-JS Products-MotoMode, Dream Team, ...). In short, the 6 Hours Moto 2017 will offer a great show next Sunday, August 13, as from in the tests in the morning (first session at 9 am). The start of the race will be given at 12 o'clock sharp.